Govt. Polytechnic College, Jammu

Information for Students

Discipline in the Institution

  1. Students are advised to maintain discipline and follow the rules and regulations of the institution.
  2. Students should maintain neatliness and cleanliness in the Institution.
  3. Students are not allowed at all to have mobile phones in the Institution.
  4. Students should be punctual and regular. They should keep their Identity Cards in their possession and produce when asked for.
  5. Students should come in proper uniform.
  6. Students should follow the directions given by the Principal, Head of Departments/ Lecturers from time to time.
  7. Ragging is totally banned in the Institution.
  8. Students should not bring their valuables/ Jewellery in the Institution.
  9. They are not allowed to leave the Institution before the last period.
  10. In the beginning of each semester they are supposed to re-register and fill up the re-registration form available with the Admission Incharge/ concerned H.O.D
  11. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Institution as well as its surroundings.
  12. Any students not following the rules and regulations of the Institution shall be expelled from the Institution.


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