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Community Development through Polytechnics (CDTP)

The Community Polytechnics scheme was started in the year 1978-79 and then after a two year break during 2007 and 2008, it was launched once again in the year 2009 in the new name of Community Development through Polytechnics i.e. CDTP scheme by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) Govt. Of India. In the last 40 years about 43 lakhs persons have been trained under the scheme. At present the scheme is operational in 518 polytechnics of the country.

The rationale for choosing AICTE approved Polytechnics is that they are equipped with the following resources:

    1. Polytechnics are equipped with physical facilities in the form of buildings, lecture halls, laboratories, workshops, hostels etc which could be used as knowledge and skill centers for rural community and slum dwellers.
    2. Polytechnics have qualified and trained faculty who can scientifically formulate, implement and monitor community oriented programmes and projects especially where the activity of adoption of appropriate technology is involved.
    3. Polytechnics have technicians craftsmen whose services can be utilized to some extent for imparting skill training and adoption of appropriate technology.
  1. The scheme involves skill development training programmes of six months duration in the Polytechnic buildings and extension centers in the villages involving the skilled instructors from the village who can train school drop outs, SC, ST, backward classes and illiterate females who can learn in these extension centers and able to start their own small business so that they can earn their livelihood in an earnest way.
  2. The scheme also involves need assessment surveys of the villages to know exactly what type of technical training and technical help is required.
  3. The scheme involves Dissemination and Application of Appropriate technology in which the villagers are given awareness about the advancements made in the field of science and technology.
  4. The villagers are provided with the technical and support services in the form of repair of their daily household appliances and gadgets.
  5. Awareness programmes about various centre and state Govt. schemes are provided to the villagers.

Staff involved in CDTP scheme in Govt. Polytechnic Bikram Chowk Jammu.

1. Sh. Arun Bangotra Principal and chief Coordinator
2. Sh. Rajesh Gupta HOD Automobile Engineering and internal Co-coordinator
3. Sh. Sanjay Gupta HOD Electrical Engineering and course Co-coordinator
4. Sh. K.S.Bhatia HOD Mechanical engineering Department
5. Sh. Zia-Ul Haq Kohli HOD Computer Engineering and course co-coordinator
6. Sh. Sukhdeep Singh HOD Civil Engineering and Course Co-coordinator
7. Sh. Vinod Kumar instructor transformer and motor winding
8. Sh. Shamsher Chand instructor Plumbing and sanitary works.
9. Sh. Ramesh Salaria instructor House wiring
10. Sh. Vinay Kumar instructor software Development
11. Sh. Vedpal instructor NCITP
12. Smt Sanjogita instructor Art craft and Fashion Designing
13. Sh. Vikas Kumar junior consultant
14. Smt Poonam Gupta
15. Shri Jagdish Raj
16. Sh. Suresh kumar helper
17. Sh. Saleem helper


Courses in Govt. polytechnic Campus

Name of the course Duration
Software Development Six months
National Communications and information Technology Plan (NCITP) Six months
Refrigeration and maintenance Six months
Composite Electrician Six months
Vehicle testing Six months
House wiring Six months
Motor ,Transformer, inverters repair and wiring Six months
Plumbing and sanitary fittings Six months
Art, craft and fashion designing Six months
Domestic electrician Six months

Present Extension Centers

Name of the extension Center Course Duration
Village Jinder Melu Composite Electrician Six months
Village Parladpur near Satwari Art, craft and fashion designing Six months
Chak Tara Art craft and Fashion Designing Six months
RS Pura Art craft and Fashion Designing, Composite Electrician Six months
Janipur Art craft and Fashion Designing Six months




Total candidates trained till Date:

Total: - 3712
Male: - 2502
Female: - 1210

Total candidates employed till Date:

Wage employment

Total: - 950
Male: - 658
Female: - 292

Self employment

Total: - 225
Male: - 141
Female: - 84

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