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Unnat Bharat Abhiyan


Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an Inclusive India.


The Mission of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan is to enable higher educational institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying development challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth. It also aims to create a virtuous cycle between society and an inclusive academic system by providing knowledge and practices for emerging professions and to upgrade the capabilities of both the public and the private sectors in responding to the development needs of rural India.


  • To build an understanding of the development agenda within institutes of Higher Education and an institutional capacity and training relevant to national needs, especially those of rural India.
  • To re-emphasize the need for field work, stake-holder interactions and design for societal objectives as the basis of higher education.
  • To stress on rigorous reporting and useful outputs as central to developing new professions.
  • To provide rural India and regional agencies with access to the professional resources of the institutes of higher education, especially those that have acquired academic excellence in the field of science, engineering and technology, and management.
  • To improve development outcomes as a consequence of this research. To develop new professions and new processes to sustain and absorb the outcomes of research.
  • To foster a new dialogue within the larger community on science, society and the environment and to develop a sense of dignity and collective destiny.

Government Polytechnic Jammu is the Participating Institute (PI) while Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu is the Regional Coordinating Institute (RCI) of district Jammu and Ladakh. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi is the overall Coordinating Institute (CI).


With the aim to implement the mandate of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, a team comprising of the following officials was constituted under the chairmanship of Er. Arun Bangotra, Principal of the Institute.

Apart from the various team members, UBA team is supported by a group of voluntaries namely Er. Sanam Gupta, Er. Akash Dasgotra, Balwant Raj Banmotra, Vinay Sharma, various students of NSS unit of the college and several other staff members.

The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan team of Government Polytechnic Jammu adopted five different villages in district Jammu namely village Bassi Khurd, Khandwal, Khour, Mandal, Supwal.

The UBA team of GPJ comprises of the following officials:

1 Ajay Thapa  Coordinator UBA team of GPJ
2 Jasdeep kour Member UBA team
3 Pankaj Kumar Angral Member UBA team  
4 Subash Kumar Member UBA team
5 Azeem Javed Member UBA team
6 Rohit Sharma Member UBA team



The UBA team of GPJ took up a week-long initiative at Government Middle School, Bassi Khurd to aware the school students about how they could preferably turn the gadgets in hand as effective learning tools.

The students were also shown how learning could be fun through interactive video sessions and various faculties of GPJ delivered several lectures to enhance the awareness of the students to things that surround them on a day to day basis.

The various initiatives been taken up by the UBA team of GPJ in response to the pandemic i.e. COVID-19 are as listed below: -

-   The voluntaries of UBA team went around the villages and educated the villagers on the need to use masks and maintain clean surrounding as a measure to control the spread of pandemic.

  1. DIGITAL INFORMATION DISSEMINATION: - The students and staff of GPJ also took the initiative of disseminating authentic information on various digital platforms. The staff and students prepared several posters to do the needful in the most intriguing way.
  2. DISTRIBUTION OF MASKS TO VARIOUS DISPENSARIES IN THE VILLAGES ADOPTED BY THE UBA TEAM: - The team members and volunteers of UBA team identified the local tailors in the adopted villages and made masks from them. These masks were then thoroughly sanitised and then handed over to the Medical Officers presented at various Government Dispensaries in the village.

    Sanam Gupta, faculty of the institute and volunteer of the UBA team handed over a packet containing 200 masks to Dr. Seema Aijaz, Medical Officer at Govt. Health and Wellness Center, Basi Kalan. The mask were handed over in the presence of Ex. Chairman Municipality Bari Brahmana, Shri Pushpraj.

Sh. Pankaj kumar Angral , member of the UBA team handed over a packet containing 200 masks to Dr. Bawani, Medical Officer at Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary, Khandwal. The mask were handed over in the presence of Sarpanch of Khandwal village, Shri Sonu Singh.

Sh. Balwant Raj Banmotra , volunteer of the UBA team handed over a packet containing 200 masks to Dr. Sneha Koul, Medical Officer at Govt. Ayurvedic Dispensary, Mukhra. The mask were handed over in the presence of Sarpanch of Mandal village, Shri Som Nath.

The most inspiring Volunteer of the UBA team was Vinay Sharma, who himself had switched more than 200 masks for distribution. After switching the masks, he sanitized all the masks and then took permission from SHO Janipur Police Station, Jammu. After seeking permission from the concerned SHO and ensuring proper social distancing, he distributed the masks and a packets of biscuit to the people residing in the jhuggis in Roop Nagar and Barnai areas of Jammu district. He also distributed some masks to the police personnel on duty.

He also spread awareness amongst the people in the areas he visited about the pandemic and measures needed to combat it.



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