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Department of Electrical Engineering

Introduction - The department of electrical engineering was incepted in 1960. During the time when Government Polytechnic was established Since then it has got registered tremendous growth in teaching and has got its recognition at national level.

Er. Manjeet Singh (HOD)
The department offers a regular 3 year diploma in electrical engineering. The students are admitted through common entrance test conducted by board of professional entrance examination.

The department has been imparting quality Engineering Education and is grooming students in all facets of Creative Learning, technical competency, Character building and overall personality development through will qualified and experienced faculty members.

Objective - The objective of the department is to impart knowledge base & skill sets in the field of electrical engineering by providing learning ambience for academics & research leading to global competence. we not only aim on theoretical knowledge but also provide the students exposure to the developing society so that they can build their future in a better way.

Vision - The discipline of Electrical Engineering is transforming our world, changing the way we work & live. Global warming is the major concern of the whole World for the survival of human kind. Green technology is one of the emerging & widely accepted solutions to overcome this crisis. Hence the research & innovation in this field is the need of the future. Therefore we have to create an enabling environment for training innovative, capable & highly motivated intellectual manpower to meet India’s & World’s Technological needs in close partnership with the industry.

Mission - Provide a dynamic & scholarly environment where in students learn independently & in collaboration with others to develop a disciplined as well as innovative approach to their careers as professional engineers, researchers or teachers. Ensure that every student is aware of the role & responsibilities of the engineer in society through the appropriate exposure to ethics, equity, public & worker safety & health consideration, together with the concepts of sustainable development & environmental stewardship.

Courses offered

  • Three year diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • 6 month course of Electrician under IRG scheme
  • 6 month course of Electrician under CDTP scheme
  • Short term training programme imparted in various institutes/organization eg. UIET Kathua

Labs & Equipments

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Electrical Lab Activities

1. Machine Lab
2. Power Lab
3. Electronic Lab
4. P.C.B Lab
5. Project Lab

Machine Lab. - This is the major lab of the Electrical Engineering Department where various practical’s of Electrical Machines are performed. The lab was installed at the very initial stage during the establishment of the Government Polytechnic Jammu. This lab covers the practical’s of A.C Machines as well as D.C Machines. The machines installed at that time are still operating very efficiently.

Power Lab - This lab covers the practical’s of various Electrical Engineering subjects such as fundamentals of Electrical Engineering , Electrical measurement and instrumentation, Utilization of Electrical Engineering and Installation and maintenance of Electrical Equipments.

Electronic Lab - This lab covers the practical’s related to Electronic subject such as basic electronics, Analog Electronics, Digital Electronics, Power Electronics and Microprocessor.

P.C.B Lab - In this lab students learn to make printed circuit board. It contains P.C.B Lab set of equipments, P.C.B drilling Machine, P.C.B sheering Machine, Photo resist dip coating machine , roller tinning machine etc.

Project Lab - this lab enables the students to make their minor and major projects related to Electrical and Electronic Engineering field. It gives practical skill to the students which enhances their job opportunity in Engineering field.

Staff of Electrical Engineering Department

Staff Profile Of The Electrical Department

Name of faculty
Faculty /Staff type
Contact No.
Email ID
Highest Qualification
Area of Specialization
1 Er. Manjeet Singh Permanent H.O.D 9419128156 B.E Electrical 30 Year Electrical Engineering
2 Er. Akhil Kumar Permanent Lecturer-1 9796648524 M.Tech. 2 Month Electrical Power and Energy system
3 Er. Devika Bhardwaj Permanent Demonstrator 9797334309 B.E 6 Year Electrical Engineering
4 Er. Himanshu Bakshi Permanent Demonstrator 7889780007 B.E 6 Year Electrical Engineering
5 Er. Vandna Chib A/A Lecturer 9419820401 B.E 24 Year Electronics
6 Er. Itika Sharma A/A Demonstrator 9419232669 M.Tech. 11 Years Power system
7 Er. Vicky Sharma A/A Demonstrator 9596957024 3 Year diploma in Electrical 6 Year Electrical Engineering
8 Mr. Ritesh Gupta Permanent Instructor Electronics 9419190628 3 year Diploma in Electronics 28 Year ITI in Electronics. Diploma Electronics.
9 Smt. Joginder Kour Permanent Sr. Lab. Asstt. 7006354584 12 th 33 Years Lab. Techinician
10 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Permanent Instrument Mechanic 9419146873 12 th 17 year Instrument Mechanic
11 Mr. Ankush Langeh Permanent Lab Bearer 9682547669 12 th 1 year Lab. Bearer



Sr Year Name of Student placed Contact No. Name of the Company/ Industry
1 2022 Anirudh Sharma 9906256427 GABRIEL LTD.
2022 Keshav Lal Sharma 7006883264 BJP HEAD QUARETERS AS TECHICIAN
2 2021 Rhea katoch 6006174998 JSW steel coated
2021 Reshav sharma 6005096892 INFO TECH SECURITY SYSTEM
2021 Arun kumar 6005150154 NORMET PVT. LTD.
2021 Dixit Sharma 9697216349 NORMET PVT. LTD.
2021 Koushal Singh 9596607342 NORMET PVT. LTD.
2021 Pravaulsharma 9622334009 Hyraulic research centre
2021 Abhijeet Samotra 9797560339 SKH
3 2020 Ankush bhau 7051778167 C&S Electrical switchbooard plant
2020 Shubhum Khullar 9906139855 JUST DIAL
2020 Akash chib 7051142871 Jammu University


Curricular Activities And Achievements

Co Curricular Activities help students to develop problem-solving, reasoning, critical thinking. These kinds of activities with the academic curriculum helps students to develop skills beyond the knowledge of subjects Activities, when merged with academics, will help students learn effectively .

Following are the few activities and of Electrical EnggDeptt .

I. Quiz competition was held on 13 th of May


II. A seminar was organised on the topic “Innovation, commercialization and Technology transformation”. The guest speaker was Er. Loveneesh Talwar HOD, Department of Electrical EnggYogananda College of Engg&Technolgy

III. A friendly cricket match was organised between 4th Sem and 2nd Sem Electrical on 29th April.

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IV. An inter semester chess competition was held on 3rd June

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V. Technical Visit at Narwal Gladni Receiving Station


VI Technical Visit at Ranjit Sagar Dam Pathankot .



Achievments of Department

I. Electric Bicycle by Final Year Students


II. Deptt of Electrical Engineering wins Govt Polytechnic Jammu's Kabbadi tournament.


III. Department of Electrical Engineering won the inter-department Volleyball competition and Department of Mechanical emerged as runner up. The contest was held at Govt Polytechnic campus


Formal & Non-Formal Courses offered by the Department - The department offers 3 years diploma courses to PWD (Person with disability) students besides other students The department also offers non- formal courses of six months in Composite Electrician Trade, Transformer& Motor Winding under IRG & Community schemes. Most of the faculty members are having expertise in their own areas of specialization.

Job Opportunities - A large number of leading organizations have been regularly visiting for campus placements. The students of earlier batches have been gainfully employed in Government, reputed public & private sector organizations in India.

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Electrical Lab Activities


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