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Government Polytechnic Jammu is one of the oldest Diploma Engineering Institute of the country. The Institution received Centre of Excellence Award in 1999. Since inception in 1960 till date, courses related to market/industrial need are added from time to time. Above all, the teaching-learning process is the main aim of the Institution. It is here where young innocent minds are groomed, nurtured and given a shape that lasts throughout the end of an individual's life.

The traditional concept of educational institutions, imparting knowledge has paved way to the modern concept of institutions being responsible for not only imparting knowledge but also find ways and means for utilization of that knowledge for the overall well being and benefit of the society, the nation and humanity at large.

In earlier times, knowledge seeking used to be more difficult affair that knowledge utilization. But in present competitive, globalized world, where education (conventional, technical as well as professional) has reached to every body's door steps. Knowledge seeking is no more white elephant.

However, the product coming out of these institutions does not get proper opportunity to utilize their knowledge, being ignorant in finding jobs in public and private sector. The effort of the institution in launching web-site will fill the gap between acquiring and utilizing of knowledge.

This can be achieved by arranging various camps/ functions in the Institutions such as counselling, awareness, job placement, alumni meet, etc. and displaying in the institution web-site for those who cannot attend. In present time, it is the easiest way to be in touch with all the stake holders of this institution. I hope this effort will bring the product of this institution closer to their takers and will go a long way in bringing out the best out of this Institution.

Govt. Polytechnic Jammu

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