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Department of Architecture Assistantship

Department of Architectural Assistantship is dedicated to advancing the art of architecture. Students are encouraged to explore the visual, functional and compositional possibilities associated with design within our physical, natural and social environments.

Ar. Tahir Amin Wani
"Architecture Assistantship" is a THREE YEARS duration course, introduces a student to all aspects of architecture profession, building sceneries and construction. A diploma level course defines that it is general supervision, preparation and reviewing plan for building construction. During the course students have to prepare working drawings of building, to have basic knowledge of important building material like stones, bricks, lime, cement, paints, timber, exterior and interior glass, building hardware, roofing material, additives and admixtures, adhesives and other related areas.

This department has come a long way since its inception in the year 1987. Today the department is proud to have produced scores of professionals who are independent, confident, and self-reliant and ever-contributing to the city, state and country.

The department has complete staff and infrastructure to train a batch of 30 students each year. An experienced team of Architects, Engineer and Artist, are here to help the students throughout his/her 3 years of academic work, project and activities.

Various Labs/ Major Equipments

  1. Computer Laboratory
  2. Drafting Studio
  3. Material And Building Museum
  4. Survey Laboratory (Common With Other Branches)
  5. Workshops ((Common With Other Branches)
    1. Carpentry Shop
    2. Welding Shop
    3. Painting Shop
    4. Electrical Shop
  6. Digital Camera
  7. Ricoh Aficio Mp2000l2 Printer, Scanner, Copier
  8. Plotter Hpdesignjet 500ps
  9. Rex Rotary A041
  10. 10 Computers

Formal and Informal Courses

Interior Designing -: 6 Month
Auto Cadd -: 24 Days

Staff of Architecture Department

Staff Profile

Name Designation Qualification
Ar. Tahir Amir Wani H.O.D  
Ms. Pratibha Instructor(Art & Gallery) B. Fine Arts
Er. Saba Demonstrator B.Tech
Er. Janeeta Demonstrator Diploma
Er. Manu Rajput Demonstrator B.Arch, AITP
Ar. Sandip Kour Lect. I (A/A) B. Arch
Ar. Harjinder Singh Lect II (A/A ) IIA
Ms. Himani Dubey Demonstrator (A/A) Dip. In Arch.
Mr. Umesh  Gupta Demonstrator (A/A) Dip. In Arch
Ashwani Kumar Lab Assistant 10 Pass


Today the department is proud to have produced scores of professionals who are independent, confident, self- reliant and ever- contributing to the city, state and country. Our students are working in various departments:

a) Military Engineering Services
b) Municipal and Municipality corporation of the state
c) Public Works Departments
d) Housing Board
e) Housing and Urban development -Town Planning, Architecture Department
f) Development Authorities
g) Employed with private Architects, Interior designers, Urban Designers & Engineers
h) Self-employment



Job Opportunities For Students

  1. The private enterprises consisting of firms of ARCHITECTS or ENGINEERS.
  2. Builders, contractors, interior designers and survey companies
  3. Diploma holders can start their own practice in the field of architecture after getting license from concerned Municipality/ Municipal Corporation.
  4. Government departments namely:
    a) State Department of Architecture
    b) State Department of Town and Country Planning
    c) State housing Boards and corporation
    d) Central Public Works Departments
    e) Railways
    f) Military Engineering Services
    g) Local bodies
    h) Survey of India
    i) State Electricity Department/Boards
    j) Teaching Profession
Principal Principal
Principal Principal
Students work in Architecture Department

Plantation Drive by Architecture Department

Technical Visit of 3rd and 5th Semester to
Brick Kiln and Building Center, Muthi Jammu

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