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Webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Department of computer Engineering and IT Government Polytechnic Jammu in Collaboration with pantech e-learning organized a webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics " on 07th of August 2021. Nearly 70+ students and Faculty Members of the said departments participated in the session.

Mr. Jishnu Radhakrishnan was the guest speaker of the session. During the session Mr. Jishnu Radhakrishnan discuss how Artificial intelligence and robotics are bringing drastic changes in the technological fields. Things we only imagined twenty years back have now become a reality. From automated systems at a manufacturing plant to self-serving robots in a restaurant, technology has evolved, driving humans together. In Today’s world, AI and robots serve people as problem-solvers, companions, and first-responders. Basically, when you chat online with a business on their website thinking that you are talking to their customer representative, you are actually talking to a chatbot. Technology has evolved for good, and it is not going to stop here.

When we talk about AI and robotics, they are not specific to a certain industry. Their adaptability has made them the favorites in all the industries and sectors you can name or think of. From gaming to defense, healthcare, automotive, fitness, education, retail, manufacturing, and whatnot. Online gambling, for example, is a billion-dollar industry, and online gambling platforms like True Blue Casino have already started using AI-based algorithms that control the outcome of the gameplay.
So, it is safe to say that machines and computers will positively manage most of our dealings. It is just the start. AI, machine learning, and robotics are bound to progress further in the coming years before they become commonplace. Data has played a crucial role in the development of these systems because data has enabled these machines to learn on their own.
Artificial intelligence and robotics are the driving force of the future. In the next decade, you will surely see some stunning technological revelations based on AI. AI is all about data, and when properly implemented, it will use the given data to our benefit, automating most of the processes and making our lives easier

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