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Webinar on 5G Communication using Radio Frequency

Department of computer Engineering and IT Government Polytechnic Jammu in Collaboration with pantech e-learning organized a webinar on "5G Communication using Radio Frequency " on 11th of August 2021. Nearly 70+ students and Faculty Members of the said departments participated in the session.

Mr. Srivansan kumar was the guest speaker of the session. During the session Ms. Srivansan Kumar discuss about Fifth Generation Mobile Communication System, its requirements and how 5G uses new radio technology and new frequency bands.
To increase the capacity of the mobile networks and support very high data rates, 5G will extend the range of frequencies used for mobile communication. This includes new spectrum below 6 GHz, as well as spectrum in higher frequency bands up to 100 GHz. 5G equipment will use beamforming to improve performance.

5G Mobile networks, cell towers, mobile phones, tablets, routers and all sorts of connected objects are at the heart of our daily lives. They make up a technological ecosystem that cannot exist without radio waves. As a telecommunications operator, we are helping to build this digital world. We have a perfect understanding of its technical characteristics and we ensure our entire approach takes place within a strict scientific and regulatory framework. As such, we commit to transparently relay information about radio waves in our industry.
5G is a scalable mobile technology which covers new functionalities. It is designed to meet the exponential demand for connectivity and covers new applications thanks to very high data speeds (several Gigabytes), high responsiveness (a low latency time of a few milliseconds) and strong reliability.
The webinar session ended with Mr. Anil kumar, Sr. Consultant of Pantech e-learning expressing his vote of thanks to the speakers and participants for attending the session. Ms. Ritu Jamwal principal Government Polytechnic Jammu appreciated the efforts for conducting such interactive sessions.

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